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Use XML data to communicate with the ORS server and take all advantages to completely individualize your booking engine look.
Increase look-to-book ratio with your ideas, your needs and your experiences.

Under the motto "The way to book" ORS offers a new opportunity to increase the number of online bookings using advanced XML technology provided by central reservation system ORS.

Data delievered by XML communication offers you to get the different types of tourist content such as flight + hotel packages, holiday homes, apartments, hotels, airline tickets (currently avaliable only charter flights) and round trips from different European tour operators.
ORS also offers various insurance packages directly from insurance companies, transfers between airports and accommodations (for example A2B transfers.com), private accommodations and much more. 

With ORS XML you will get:

> A
ccess to ORS XML Xtreme Server
> Access to ORS ORM booking mask
> Access to the flight + hotel data in XML form
> Access to the hotel / apartments data in XML form
> Access to the flight (currently available only charter flights) data in XML format
> Access to the roundtrips data in XML form
> Access to other data types (insurance, transfers....)
> XML teaser generator for your website + deep link generator available via ORS Smart
> Documentation
> Key account support

important ORM features (reservation process)
> avaliability check
> booking request
> option request

> reservation-change request
> flight data request
> cancelation request

Please note all the post-booking process is available in ORS Smart.

New features added in latest version:
> innovative data filtering options
> detailed room information such as detailed room type (for example Standard double room with a  sea view) visiable already by offer data (not only anymore by tour operator response or via offline catalog data)
> multilingual support (currently available Slovenian, English, German, Serbian, Croatian)
> search for additional characteristics such as directly on the beach, pool, family friendly etc...


ORS XML  - technology who is "behind" all the ORS products

ORS is continuously checking the data qualty

Daily effort for quality data, which is taken care in the department CRS & quality Service brings users more content and more avaliable offers. People employed in this section are insuring that the offers and information comming from tour operator or other external companys are displayed correctly - for example content data comming from different sources must be maped correclty in order to show all the offers in one structure, that means displayed in one "place". Important is also to work together with partners in order to increase their quality of sending the data.

With help of our IT crew, which constantly looks for new ways for a better data implementation and better data presentation the quality is growing from season to season - the "old" ways have been replaced by latest technologys such as "player-hub technology". The best confirmation that we are on the right way is the number of bookings which are increasing per season for almost 20-30%.  


Database remake and innovative approach for increasing the number of avaliable offers in the system
Since august 2011 ORS has brand new database structure where the speed of search has been enormously improved. With a few inovative approaches the content comming from different sources (tour operators, private accommodations etc..) is processed inteligent, that means all the unnnecessary data is excluded from the import into the live database. On of the most inovative approaches is "on the fly" offers filtering which are not avaliable anymore.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details about ORS XML:

email: sales@ors.si
phone:  +386 3 759 09 22